My Design Philosophy

18 Mar My Design Philosophy

When I began considering writing a blog, I thought, Ugh! Another designer writing about blah, blah…how horrible.

But then I ask myself, what if interior design was more than ‘design trends’, ‘HOT’ color schemes for the season, or a succession of one midcentury pied-à-terre after another.  What if the possibility of the world of interiors could be seen as a personal journey – not defined by someone imposing their opinions – but as a journey of choosing from an educated personal point of view?

I have been an interior designer based in New York City and the Hamptons for over 20 years, and over the course of my career, I feel my most successful projects are ones that reflect the clients life at it’s highest form of living…for them, not for me.

I sincerely believe, when the 2 homes I helped create that were chosen to be the cover stories of 2 home shelter magazines, it was “that” which attracted the editors.  The “Softer Side of Modern” was the title of one story, which has become my calling card.  Though the furniture that we selected and had made was totally selected for this young family, we created a living environment for all to be comfortable in.

The first article published way back when reflected the “trend” of the moment and was called “ The New Age-less Christmas”, and again reflects an elevated timeless environment for the client to live in.  Ultimately that is (or should be) the goal of an interior designer, now more than ever.  In this exciting time of web savvy, world accessible consumerism, what distinguishes one designer from another?  Is it the way they put readymade catalog furniture together in a room?  Maybe. I believe it can be more than that.

I believe interior design is art…at it’s highest form…because you live in it.

When I was in art school as an undergraduate, we were presented with an inquiry ‘what makes a ‘masterpiece’, or just a painting’.  What if, our professor asked, a masterpiece is that which you to come over and over, and it continually reflects back new things, new questions, new feelings?

That conversation has stayed with me in my design.  What if great interior design is like a masterpiece?  What if great interiors are like paintings, except you are part of “that”, you live in that, you continue to experience “that” greatness.  How do you think your life will be impacted if you live in greatness.

I often threaten to take “before” and “after” pictures of my clients, in addition to their apartments and homes. Why? Because they change after they have lived in a home that supports them,  inspires them, elevates who they think they are in the world.  They have to change…there is no other choice.

When one experiences greatness in an interior, there is alchemy.  When all the elements come together and people who are in the environment become part of “that” greatness, there can be a heightened experience that is completely sensorial.

My intention and manifesto for these writings will be ongoing questioning and exploration of life and the world of interiors as we live in them, you and me.

I am not interested in writing about my opinions and putting them onto you.  I am interested in creating a platform that I can inquire into all aspects of what good living is, including what makes a great interior.

Creating a personal home is a journey of life in style. An interior designer who gives you a greater vision and fantasy of you in the world, I feel, is a great designer.

Ultimately, I believe, a home should feel as if a designer never stepped foot in it.  It just ‘is.’  And for the person living there, every detail has been thought about for them…nothing could possibly be added or taken out.

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    keep these going- great conversational style- good luck!

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