02 Jun Before and After Designs From ARF Showhouse

Last Saturday I participated and attended the 5th Annual ARF Showhouse and Sale. This was a one day event in which 6 designers created their own vignettes based on donated furniture from ARF thrift shop as well as their personal collections. Everything in the designers rooms could be purchased and 100% of proceeds benefited ARF's furry friends. Here are a few snapshots through the transition of the room, before, and the successful after design...
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27 May ARF Hampton’s Designer Showhouse

As an animal lover I'm excited to be participating in this years fifth annual ARF Designer Showhouse in the Hamptons with fellow designers, Jamie Drake, Tamara Magel, Brian P. Brady, Mark Schryver, and Peri Wolfman this weekend. The 5th Annual ARF Designer Showhouse vignettes are inspired and arranged from thrift...

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04 Apr “Sofa” is a 4-Letter Word

As every seasoned interior designer knows, when beginning a project you need to avoid the most serious and costly mistake people working without professional counsel make. The sofa: the piece of furniture that, I have found, is the very first piece people buy, and it is...

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18 Mar My Design Philosophy

When I began considering writing a blog, I thought, Ugh! Another designer writing about blah, blah…how horrible. But then I ask myself, what if interior design was more than ‘design trends’, ‘HOT’ color schemes for the season, or a succession of one midcentury pied-à-terre after another....

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