“Great design impacts life on all levels – the world functions better, people feel supported, and the spirit is lifted.”


Based in New York City, Kevin Hart brings a well-traveled curatorial eye to the world of Interior Design. Having lived in Paris, Morocco, India, and Hong Kong, he has gathered great design, fine art, and decorative objects.


Hart says, “I love mixing periods and materials, the warm with the cool, always striking that delicate balance which creates both harmony and aesthetic tension. ”


Steeped in international influence, Hart possesses a consummate eye for the authenticity and quality in textiles, art and furniture—antique and modern. He is equally at home fusing the historic with the contemporary, or evoking the style of particular periods.

As a result of his work on film productions, the homes Kevin creates for clients supports an incomparably stylish and comfortable way of life. “I have always designed my own homes in the way I wanted to live. When working with clients, the ultimate goal is to create a space and ambiance that express the clients individuality and taste.”


Working closely with top architects and contractors, Hart executes interiors of superior craftsmanship and finish. His work ranges from residential to commercial, from city to county, encompassing apartments and estates; hotels and restaurants.